Baggen, Hans


My name is Hans Baggen (1961) and I am a Dutch composer living and working in Utrecht. My instrument of choice for composing is the classical guitar. Besides music for guitar, I also write for saxophone quartet among others.

My passion lies mainly in Latin American music. The compositions of Lauro, Barrios and Baden Powell are a constant source of inspiration for me. Also Folk, Jazz and Ragtime play an important part in my musical background. My compositions are often a colourful mix of these styles. I am not one to stick to rigid schematics or established keys or tempos and will rather allow myself a lot of freedom in composing. I will often start from a theme and work my way to a beautiful and complete composition through improvisation. Even the smallest part of a composition should be surprising and exciting. To me, when I succeed in that, a piece will be truly complete.

I try to write my music in a way that will appeal to a broad audience; beautiful and interesting music should be available for every level and in every phase of development, for beginners to advanced musicians. Guitarists who have not yet mastered reading music will find that many of my pieces have tablature notation. I hope that my music will contribute to the pleasure of playing and to the repertoire of every guitarist.