Beerda-Huetten, Ingrid


Ingrid was born in Rotterdam (The Netherlands) in 1963 together with a twin sister. Both sisters showed their musical talent already on an early age. They are singing the whole day and playing treble recorder. Piano was their first love.

Ingrid finished her piano studies at the conservatory of Zwolle. Afterwards she studied at the conservatory of Groningen and became a Music teacher. She was also active as a singer after following a Master Class in vocal technics with Alberto ter Doest and Dini Buis.

She was working for more than 30 years as a piano teacher, several years as a high school Music teacher and as the conductor of several choirs.

The harp came into her life in August 2009 and changed her life forever. It was love at the first sight !

Ingrid Beerda-Huetten is a self-taught harpist. And se composed from the very beginning her own music for harp. Since 2011 there are already 13 albums with sonatas, nocturnes and ballads published. A complete method for harp (Happy Harp-Ing) was published in 2017.