de Regt, Hendrik


Hendrik de Regt was born in 1950 in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, and studied organ and piano in his native town. Composition with Otto Ketting in The Hague and later theory and composition, in a more traditional way, with his father Piet Ketting in Rotterdam.

De Regt started with compositions in a free chromatic  idiom but under the more conservative influence of his teacher Piet Ketting his style stress more and more the melodic and polyphonic lines, although always within a melodic context. He enjoys linking early musical forms within modern elements to create a stylistic synthesis. In his later works for choir he is following the composition rules for voice leading of the late Renaissance almost entirely.

De Regt composed a variety of instrumental- and vocal works, especially for choir a cappella and for choir with instruments.

His compositions are most of all available with Digital Music Print – Antwerpen – Belgium, his earlier works with Donemus - The Hague – The Netherlands.

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