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Composer Eugene Magalif (b. Vitebsk, Belarus), has lived in the USA since 1990. He graduated from Vitebsk Music College and Belarusian State Conservatory (Academy of Music). During his years in Belarus, Mr. Magalif became well-known for his pop-songs and music for children. His compositions have been recorded by famous singers and orchestras from many different countries and have also been featured on Radio and TV. Currently, his compositions are performed in more than 30 countries.

Mr. Magalif is the author of the musical «Swineherd», cantata «Barmaley», music for Theater, Radio, and TV, chamber and orchestral works, Christian music for the choir, as well as numerous popular songs and ballads. Maestro Yuri Temirkanov, Chief Conductor of the St. Petersburg State Philharmonic Orchestra, wrote that "Eugene Magalif’ music is delightful, first of all in its professionalism, as well as quite amusing and witty.” In 2012 his piece for flute and piano «Autumn» was chosen as mandatory piece for Children International Competition My Favorite Flute (Russia). «Four Seasons» for Two Pianos were chosen as mandatory pieces for Children's Piano Duet Contest in Poland.

Magalif's «Colibri [Hummingbird]» for Flute and String Orchestra was named «Pearl of the World flute music» (Olga Brilon, musicologist, Belarus) and has been successfully performed in many countries by well-known orchestras and conductors. Among them the Santa Barbara Chamber Orchestra, California, USA; «Sonorus» chamber orchestra, Belarus; Lower Silesian Philharmonic, Poland; Academic Symphony Orchestra, Ukraine; National Academic Folk Orchestra, Belarus and many more.

In 2013 his music for Piccolo was performed at International Piccolo Symposium (USA). Sacred choir «Our Father» won the First prize at International Festival «CHORUS-INSIDE» (Moscow). «Colibri» for Flute and Piano was performed at Carnegie Hall by the winner of «Aleksandr & Buono International Competition» (USA). Several compositions were published by Forton Music Publishing (UK) and since 2014, his music has been published by ALRY Publications (USA).

Eugene Magalif works in Trenton, New Jersey, as a public school music teacher. Personal website address:

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