After graduating in classical piano studies, (my teacher was Hans Derksen) at the Amsterdam Conservatory, I went on to do my second study in classical harp under the solo harpist of the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra: Vera Badings. After graduation I became solo harp player in the Metropole Orchestra (also known as the world’s leading jazz orchestra) for many years.

During those 30 odd years I witnessed the gradual development of the harp in jazz music. In the course of my classical education, I was not only a harp player but a singer / songwriter too, making several records as a singer in my own right.As it was considered ‘not done’ to play jazz music or sing pop songs at that time, I was forced to quit and terminate my record-contract.

Some years later I began to write songs again for well-known established singers. In this period they recorded approximately 20 of my songs.