Sluys, Johan


Johan Sluys was born in Brussels in 1964, the son of the cathedral organist Jozef ridder Sluys.


He was awarded

-       A master’s degree in classical philology by the University of Leuven, with a thesis on Aristoxenos’ Elementa Harmonica

-       A master’s degree in piano, chamber music, counterpoint and fugue by the Royal Brussels Conservatory

-       A master’s degree in composition by the Conservatoire Royal de Mons (Cl. Ledoux).

-       He was taught choral conducting (E. Van Nevel) and orchestral conduction (D. Gazon).

Career and performances:

He taught Latin and aesthetics before being appointed to teach piano at Leuven’s Municipal Music Conservatory. He has performed as a solo pianist, chamber musician and conductor.


-       His motet “In het begin schiep de mens” (choir) won the Vlaams-Brabant Provincial Composition Prize (2001).

-       His “Requiem for a Child Soldier” (soloists, large choir and percussion) was performed in 2005 at the ISCM World Music Days.

-       “Ciaccona” was the compulsory piece for the strings in the “Axion Classics” competition (Brussels) (2004).

-       “Homage to Vittoria” (piano) won the triennial Jef Van Hoof composition Prize (2016). 

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