Toda, Akira


Akira Toda was born in Japan and he has lived in Tokyo.

He graduated from Kunitachi Music College in 1975 and studied in The Tokyo University of Art graduated school.
Then he had studied Euphonium under Mr. Kiyoshi Ohishi, he had studied the conducting under Mr. David Howell.

He had been taking an active part as a professional Euphonium player since the school days.  And, he debuted as a conductor in 1978. Since then, he has acted as a conductor, a composer and a band director.

Then, He invited Mr. James Swearingen, Mr. Robert Sheldon and Dr. F. Benciriscutto to Japan, He held a clinic concert. The music for band,  "Procession to peace" was adopted as competition music of All Japan Band Association in 2001, and this tune was adopted as competition music also in Taiwan in 2005.  And, "Kago-me Kago-me" having given the premiere performance at Mid-West International Band And Orchestra Clinic in Chicago in 2007.

The music  was adopted as music for band competition of Tennessee (USA) in February 2009.

"Sudden Glory" have been also performed in Chicago in 2011. In addition, in 2012, two songs as "A Sketch for Solo Bass Clarinet" and "Concertino for Euphonium"  chosen to Repertoire of France all Academy.

He was given a cultural prize by Shichinohe-Town (Aomori Pref.) that was his hometown on March 13, 2005.