Clarinet Collection Eddy Vanoosthuyse



The Belgian clarinet virtuoso and professor Eddy Vanoosthuyse is one of the world’s leading clarinet soloists.

He is the principal clarinet of the Brussels Philharmonic/Flemish Radio orchestra since 1988. Before that, he was the soloist of the orchestra of the Opera of Flanders and soloist of the Flemish Opera respectively.

Eddy Vanoosthuyse is the clarinet professor at the Royal Conservatory of Music Gent (University College, Gent) and a guest professor at numerous conservatories and universities (Indiana University/Bloomington, Simon Bolivar Conservatory/Caracas, DePaul University/Chicago, Lemmensinstituut/Leuven, University of the Nationalities/Beijing, University of the Arts/Osaka, San Marco University/Lima, Catholic University/Santiago, Arrizona State University/Phoenix, …).

Because of his passionate dedication to ‘modern music’ he is in contact with the most nominated composers of his time, to name a few: John Corigliano, Olivier Messiaen, Alfred Reed, Dirk Brossé, Scott McAllister, Jan Van der Roost, David Loeb, Wim Henderickx. A lot of these composers have dedicated works to him, or ask him to perform their new oeuvre.

The “Clarinet Collection Eddy Vanoosthuyse” emphasizes on publishing masterpieces for the clarinet in different instrumentations from the present and the past. Each of these publications has been carefully selected, edited and documented to ensure they become a valuable enrichment to the vast repertoire for the clarinet.

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